Total Possum Control


Possum behind lattice screen

Possum at flyscreen

Possum at flyscreen

Nectarine thief

Possum in carport

Saying G'Day

Mother and young

Possum on eaves

Possum in storage cupboard

Possum nesting

Possum in roller door

Possum and young

Possum nesting in chimney

Possum in flue


Nesting above exhaust fan

​​Possum in courtyard

Possum in car engine bay

​​Juvenile in shrubs near mother with broken spine

Possum with exudative dermatitus hand captured then later euthanised

Exudative dermatitus

Possum removed from lady's bed

Juveniles new nesting site

Injured possum rescued

Trapped possum

Possum in roof

Possum nesting in guttering beneath capping

Possum in wall cavity

Possum in shed

Possum in fireplace

Curious possum

Possum above roller door

Sugar glider nesting boxes

Rehoused after eviction

Possum on bathroom vanity

Sugar Glider box

ACT Possum Removal Proofing Photos!

​​Below is a few before and after photos including  possum box manufacture and install