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  1. Possum mother And Joey.
    Mother And Joey.
  2. Possum Evicted From Firebox.
    Evicted from firebox.
  3. Possum destruction.
    New generation of possums locating a home.
  4. Possum Entering Wall Cavity.
    Looking for a new residence.
  5. Possum Sitting On Top Of Exhaust Fan.
    Residing above kitchen exhaust fan.
  6. Rescued Possum.
    Injured possum off to vet.
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  1. Possum Capture.
    Spouses first hand capture.
  2. Possum In Roof Space.
    A very curious possum.
  3. Possum On Ceiling.
    Coming out of roof space.
  4. Possum Nesting Box.
    Possum living in nesting box.
  5. Possum At Window.
    Possum at window.
  6. Possum Trying To Get In.
    Possum at bathroom window living on ledge.
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  1. Possum Living In Roller Door.
    Possum living inside roller door.
  2. Possum In Guttering.
    Possum living inside guttering.
  3. Possum Inside Roof.
    Possum in roof space.
  4. Possum Under Tin Flashing.
    Possum under flashing.
  5. Possum Eating From Fruit Tree.
    Nectarine thief.
  6. Possum In Chimney.
    Possum down chimney
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  8. Lorem ipsum
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  1. Possum Box.
    Evicted possum rehoused.
  2. Possum Boxes.
    Sugar glider nesting boxes.
  3. Possum In Flue.
    Possum living down exhaust fan flue.
  4. Possum Box.
    Sugar glider nesting box.
  5. Possum On Eaves.
    Residing on eave of garage.
  6. Possum Nesting above eaves.
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  1. Possum Inside Car Engine Bay.
    Living in engine bay of car.
  2. Possum In Wall Cavity.
    Entering eave section.
  3. Possum with Joey In Nesting Box.
    Mother and joey in nesting box.
  4. Evicted Possum.
    Juvenile under timber eaves.
  5. Sick Possum.
    Possum with exudative dermatitis.
  6. Capture Of Possum.
    Hand captured then euthanized by vet.
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  1. Possum In Carport.
    Living in carport.
  2. Possum Removal With Nowhere To Go. In Guttering.
    Living in guttering.
  3. Evicted Possum.
  4. Possum Trapping.
  5. Possum Catcher.
    Hand capture.
  6. Possum.
    In courtyard.
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With the first possum eviction undertaken nearly 30 years ago while actively employed in metal roofing and roof plumbing I have performed numerous possum evictions and possum proofing throughout this period. Due to the population explosion of possums in the last few years this has become a fulltime occupation.​

I have years of experience in tree services, commercial and residential building maintenance and dealing with the control of invasive feral animals in rural settings. 

I Volunteer my services to ACT Wildlife in the rescue of sick, injured or trapped possums and have a commercial possum trapping license.
Whether it is the hand capture of possums, the trapping of possums or the passive eviction of possums I can rectify your early morning awakenings from noisy possums returning home from a night of foraging.


Our Products and Services
ACT Possum Removal is a locally owned and operated small business that supports the local economy not a company based in Canberra and supporting their own local economy elsewhere. Fully licensed and insured with the necessary tickets to perform the daily duties required.

ACT Possum removal service the ACT and surrounding districts with possum eviction, capture and proofing. Repairing damaged or deteriorated sections of a building with the utilisation of assorted trades that are local where needed.

Possums fighting in your roof, thumping across your ceiling or scratching through your walls we will rectify the issue with our humane methods of possum control. The wellbeing of the possum is of the utmost importance to us as we have a great compassion for our native flora and fauna.
With extensive knowledge in the building industry and animal control with a support of various quality tradespeople make us the right choice for dealing with your possum problems and maintenance issues. 

In Canberra we cannot remove a possum more than 50 metres from site of capture by law. We can only evict possums from within a building not outside the building. For more information you can contact canberra connect on 13 22 81.
ACT Possum Removal inspect your property for active possum entry points including areas that may be targetted once active points are sealed.
A quote is given and if accepted sealing up of entry points is completed according to availability.
Supporting the local economy materials used are resourced through local businesses. 
18 months warranty is given to rectify any issues with possums regaining entry into your premises after the initial sealup.



ACT Possum Removal also manufacture and install quality possum/sugar glider nesting boxes.
They are coated with a non-toxic fence stain and fitted with strips to keep bees from setting up a colony in spring.
Possum Capture, Eviction And Proofing
With a long list of satisfied customers which include embassies, schools, clubs, churches, heritage buidings, government buildings, offices and residences my services are in great demand.
Extensive knowledge in the building industry and animal control enables me to perform the duties required with possum eviction.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message.